Tips For Booking Cheap Transatlantic Flights

Nomad Faces: How to find cheap flights across the Atlantic.

A lot of people, especially students from Europe think that traveling to the US is very expensive or almost impossible, but that’s not true. You can find low priced flights and here we’ll show you how! All you need is patience and good research.

Since we are currently in a long distance relationship, we’ve been traveling a lot across the Atlantic in order to meet. At the beginning we didn’t know anything about this, but with multiple times doing this, we created this guide to show you how to get away with a 220 round trip!


From our experience, we would say cheapest flights to the US in general are during January 5 – June 15 and September 15 – November 25. Flying during Summer or Winter period could get really expensive even up to 850 .

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Some people might think that those who live in very touristic countries such as Spain, which have transatlantic flights are very lucky. On some occasions, this is true, but… Usually this doesn’t matter. Here is an example of direct flights from Barcelona to Miami International in June:


Another example: direct flights from London Gatwick to Miami International in June:


The difference is HUGE! Why pay 1500 , when you can take the extra short flight from Barcelona to London for only 70 pay a total of 300 €? Let’s jump in to more details of how we search for flights.

These are the cities + airports that offer the cheapest flights to Miami and New York (sometimes):

  1. London Gatwick, United Kingdom → Airline: Norwegian.
  2. Oslo Lufthavn, Norway → Airline: Norwegian.
  3. Brussels International, Belgium → Airline: Tuifly.


  • Other airports might have good deals sometimes (like Copenhagen or Stockholm) but 95% of the time these are the best ones.
  • Miami has two main airports: Miami International (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL). So for example here, you have to check both because depending on the route it could be way more expensive flying to one or the other. Or they might not even have an existing flight to one of them.
  • Flying from Brussels is recommended only during May – June months, when flights are ~130 €. The flights are operated to Miami International.

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  • Flying from Oslo is recommended during January – April & September – November months, but the cheapest ones of course will be during January – March. We have bought a ticket for 112 € which was really cheap.
  • Flying from London is recommended during January – April & September – November months, yet again the prices of course will cheapest during January – March, but there are pearls here and there. The flights are operated to both Miami International and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, but look for the flights to Miami International, because those are the wallet friendly ones!


First half done. Let’s look into flying back to Europe now.

Quite easy: we only have one recommended location – London Gatwick. You can fly to any country from London and the return flight from USA is usually ~150 , where as to for example Germany could be 300 or even more. The flights are operated from Miami International by Norwegian.

Other really cheap routes to and from USA using London Gatwick airport includes: Boston Logan International (BOS), New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Chicago O’Hare International (ORD). In the same recommended months mentioned above.

Popular, low-cost and good airlines used to travel inside Europe (in case your final destination is different):


  • Cheapest airport in Europe: London Gatwick
  • Cheapest airport in USA (according to us): Miami International/Fort Lauderdale
  • Fly the extra mile to get a much cheaper rate
  • Best dates to fly: January 5 – June 15 and September 15 – November 25
  • Best airline: Norwegian

💎 TIP: use travel metasearch engines as Skyscanner, Kiwi, etc. It will save you a lot of time. You can even set alerts to your email for when prices drop.

Let’s Fly!

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