How to Travel to Tallinn for Only 5€!

The political, financial, cultural and educational center of Estonia. A perfect destination that combines old and new;  Often called the “Silicon Valley of Europe”.
Find out how we spent only 5 euros going from Helsinki!

If you don’t have much time in Tallinn (like us), we would recommend staying somewhere around the Old Town area since there is a lot to see there.
We explored Tallinn in one day and here is our itinerary in Old Town (all walking).

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Narrow streets, hip cafés, and Medieval churches, an absolute MUST. Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best preserved Hanseatic town centres in the world and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Epic Coffee Tallinn
Epic Coffee | By: Eva Garro

We started our day with good vibe at Epic Coffee. A small but cozy place with the BEST coffee and service.

After that, we walked through the Walls of Tallinn which are medieval defensive walls constructed around the city.  It is amazing how well preserved they are. We felt like in a movie! You can walk the gates for 2€ or just admire them from the outside as we did, for FREE.

Walls of Tallinn
Walls of Tallinn | By: Eva Garro

Then we stumbled upon the Town Square (FREE) which is the colorful heart of the city. Like many European cities, this main public square has been used as a marketplace and meeting point for centuries. This is considered Scandinavia and the Baltic countries’ “oldest surviving town hall”.
🌀FUN FACT: here you can find Raeapteek, the oldest working pharmacy in Europe! (1422).

Here we found an amazing medieval restaurant with authentic Hansa-era meals, drinks, music and dressed-up waiters and waitresses: Olde Hansa. TOTALLY recommended! It is the best way to travel in time. You MUST try the soup and the beer. At least…

Olde Hansa, Tallinn
Eating at Olde Hansa | By: Eva Garro

After filling our stomachs with delicious medieval food, we walked about 400 mts by a couple of parks towards Toompea Hill where St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (FREE) is located; An impressive Orthodox worth admiring even just from the outside. But if you can, try to catch a glimpse of the richly decorated interior for its icons, mosaics, and bells.

St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn
St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral | By: Eva Garro

Right next to the Alexander Cathedral, is the Danish King’s Garden (FREE). A well-known legend says that the Danish flag, originated there. You’ll also find 3 creepy-cool monk statues that look down on you from three different points.
The story behind the monks: Ambrosius, Bartholomeus, and Claudius prayed with the Danish King for godly intervention during a losing battle.

Danish King's Garden Tallinn
Danish King’s Garden | By: Eva Garro

Then we stopped by Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin (established sometime around the year 1233) and continued to Kohtuotsa viewing platform, the best spot to admire a beautiful panorama of Estonia and even the Gulf of Finland. This platform offers excellent views over the red roofs and towers of the Old Town as well as of the buildings in the new part of the city (both FREE).

Kohtuotsa viewpoint Tallinn
Kohtuotsa viewpoint | By: Eva Garro
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Another Church we visited was Saint Olaf’s Church (FREE) which is one of the most recognized landmarks in Tallinn thanks to its tall spire sticking out from the rest of the city.
🌀FUN FACT: Saint Olaf’s Church was once the tallest building in Europe (1549-1625).

💎Hidden gem: only 3 min walking from the Town Hall is Katariina Käik. A picturesque little passage full of handicrafts and art work like glassware, hats, quilts, ceramics, jewellery, etc. Worth stopping by.

We finished our one-day journey at Peppersack Restaurant. Another medieval-themed restaurant where you can witness a sword fight! Food, beer, and service are great!

And now… the part you’ve been waiting for so much, how to get to Tallinn for 5 EUROS?!

Wat Meme

We booked the ferry through EckeroLine on the last week of November during Black Friday. They had deals for specific dates (November-January), one side trip for ONLY 1€. So this adds up to 2€ for a round trip Helsinki-Tallinn.

For accomodation, we booked a whole flat around 10 minutes walking from the Old Town for 32€ through Airbnb. We invited one friend to create a new account, which resulted in 20€ discount for the flat and four of us travelled to Tallinn, so 12€/4 people = 3€ per person!

This gives a 5€ TOTAL which was amazing for our student budget.

With Love,

Eva & Tautvy – #nomadfaces 👫

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