8 Genius Ways to Save Money on Trips

1. Be flexible with your plans
Either place or time. Most likely, you’ll have to choose one. Some cities have more than one airport, some days/times are cheaper than others. Compare to ensure the best price.

Check this guide for more information about flights: Tips For Booking Cheap Transatlantic Flights

2. First look at the cost of one-way flights
Before booking a round-trip flight, check the one-way. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper buying them separate.

Airplane in the sky

3. Use search engines to look for flights
Some examples are Rome2rio, Skyscanner, Kiwi, Momondo, Travel Zoo, Expedia. The truth is that none of them can guarantee the best price all the time, but using a mix can help.
💎 TIP: we only use them to compare days, airlines, and prices. But after finding the bes option, we book it directly at the airline’s website. It is 99% times cheaper this way.

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4. Stay at Airbnbs or hostels
Avoid staying at normal hotels. Airbnb offers very cheap options if you apply filters, and more, if you get a link from a friend to open a new account. Hostels are also an option if you don’t mind sharing a room or/and bathroom. Some places also offer private rooms if you pay a bit more. You can check at Hostel World.

5. Travel light
Overpacking is by far, the most common travel mistake. Check the airline’s allowance because they are all different. But a carry on bag is enough! Avoid paying 30-40 dollars on a bigger bag which you’ll most likely fill with stuff you won’t even use.

Over Packing GIF

6. Prepare your own meals
Instead of just focusing on eating cheap on the road, eat cheap at home. Visit local markets and shops.

Challenge Accepted Barney Stinson

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7. Ask locals for tips and information
Ask the person in charge of the Airbnb or hostel you’re staying at and join local Facebook groups. This will always help save a lot of money plus you’ll get to explore the site in a more interesting way.

8. Travel insurance
Some people even forget about this, but it’s VERY important. You might never use it, but if you do, we assure you that you’ll save a lot of money by paying the insurance instead of doctors, hospitals, and medicines. Search carefully, some insurances are way overpriced.
💎 TIP: we recommend Swisscare. You’ll find the best prices based on your needs. Check if they cover the country that you’re traveling to.

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